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UV Light Meters

We recommend that all tanning salons should have a UV Light Meter to be able to monitor lamps for maintenance and proper operation and know exactly how your tanning bed lamps age and when is the right time to change your bulbs.

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There are three models of digital ultraviolet meters typically used in the tanning industry. The standard version, model 5.0 has been in the market since 1991 for measuring Total UV. Model 6.0 is offered to meet the increasing need for lamp UVB measurement and starting in 1999, model 7.0 was introduced for measuring MED/hr.

UV Meters: Model 5.0
Item #: 01380 Retail Price: $224.00 Your Price: $195.95
Function: UV A +B-280-400nm, milliwatts/square cm 
Primary use: overall lamp intensity vs aging

UV Meters: Model 6.0
Item #: 01384 Retail Price: $267.00 Your Price: $249.95
Function: UV A-280-320nm, milliwatts/square cm
Primary use: lamp UVB intensity and acrylic transmission. Also can determine % of UVB if divided by model 5.0 reading 

UV Meters: Model 7.0
Item #: 06050 Retail Price: $279.00 Your Price: $269.00
Function: MED/hr-minimal erythermal dose 
Primary use: Te=240/MED readings